Astronomers saw this light as a resonance of X-rays coming from a supermassive black hole located 800 million light-years away.

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Everyone knows that light cannot escape from a black hole. Even due to the magnetic and gravitational-filled environment of the black hole, the light around it is also seen going inside it. It is a different matter that a recent incident surprised even the scientists when they saw light coming from a black hole. Scientists found that this light was actually coming from behind the black hole, which due to its powerful gravity turned towards us.

This event proved the theoretical hypotheses of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Light came from 80 million light-years away.

Astronomers have observed for the first time directly this kind of light, which is refracted from behind the black-hole and reflected towards the observer. Astronomers saw this light as a resonance of X-rays coming from a supermassive black-hole located 800 million light-years away. This black-hole is located at the center of the Eye Jwick 1 Galaxy. This event has confirmed Einstein’s prediction and is proving to be giving new information about the most mysterious body of the universe.

What really happened?

Astrophysicist Dan Wilkins of Stanford University explains that nothing comes out of a black-hole, so we shouldn’t see what’s behind it, but we can see something like an echo of X-rays because that black-hole is bending the light around itself. and was twisting the magnetic field. There is a region of event horizon around the black hole, beyond which light cannot return and gets absorbed in the black-hole.

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Active black holes like I Jwick 1 also have an accretion disk, which is a very large flat disk of dust and gas in which matter is moving inside like a vortex of water. This disk is very hot due to friction and magnetic field, due to which particles like electrons come out of the atom and magnetic plasma is formed.

Corona and the emission of X-ray energy.

At the inner edge of the accretion disk just outside the event horizon of the active black-hole, a corona is also visible, a region of hot electrons that is powered by the black hole’s magnetic field. Energy comes out in the form of very bright X-rays from this corona. Some of the bright X-ray photons emanating from the accretion disk are reprocessed and re-emitted, also known as reflections in the X-ray spectrum. This reflected emission occurs very close to the blackhole’s event horizon.

Observations from X-ray Observatories.

Researchers emphasized this mysterious corona when they started studying I Jwick 1. They studied the observations taken in January 2020 of the Jwicki 1 Galaxy from two X-ray observatories, Newstar and MXM Newton, and saw X-ray flames as expected but also something they did not expect, ie X-ray light. I saw a different glow.

Hawking Radiation ? Stephen hawking black holes.

Hawking radiation is thermal radiation predicted to be spontaneously emitted by black holes. It arises from the stable conversion of quantum vacuum fluctuations into pairs of particles, one of which escapes to infinity while the other is trapped inside the black hole horizon.

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