IMEI, IP and MAC address are all used to recognise any device connecting to any network. Devices can be tracked and recognise by using their IP address, IMEI number or MAC address. Every device connected to internet or any network has a unique IP Address, MAC address or IMEI number.

This is the basic function of IMEI, IP and MAC Address, but the question here is whats the difference between these three and where and how they are used.

What is IMEI Address ?

The full form of IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is a physical number given to devices and it is unique number to recognise GSM, WCDMA mobile phone and Satellite phones.

what is imei number

All mobile phones and smartphones have this IMEI number assigned to them to identify devices uniquely. IMEI number is 15 digit number.

Phones with single sim support has 1 IMEI number assigned to them while dual sim phones have 2 IMEI numbers assigned to them. IMEI number is used to identitfy devices and it does not have any permanent connection with the subscriber or user of the phone.

IMEI number is used by GSM networks to validate original and authentic devices. Every phone must have a unique IMEI number assigned to connect to any mobile network.

IMEI numbers can also be used to track devices in realtime to find devices if they have been stolen or lost.

How to Find IMEI number-

IMEI number can be found at the back of the mobile phone box printed on the silver sticker. You can also check IMEI number by dialling USSD code which is *#06# .

What is IP Address ?

We have already discussed about What is IP address in detail earlier, but to give you an oversight we will discuss a little about it here also.

what is Ip address

IP Address or Internet Protocol address is the logical numeric address given to every computer, printer, switch, router, hub, IoT or any device which is a part of TCP/IP based network.

IP address is the core component which makes network architecture and without IP address networks can not be made. An IP Address is the logical address which is used to identify each and every node uniquely in the network.

IP Address is logical so it can changed. An IP address is divided into 2 parts- Network Address and Host Address.

What is MAC Address ?

The Full form of MAC Address is Media Access Control. A Mac address is the physical number assigned to every device in the network. Mac Address is hardware identification number which identifies devices over the internet uniquely.

what is mac address

MAC address is assigned to each network cards at the time of manufacturing so it cannot be changed. It is installed in the firmware of the devices like Ethernet Card or Wi-Fi Card so it can not altered.

There are lakhs of devices which are capable of networking and each device needs to have a unique MAC address assigned to it. There is a vast set of possible series of numbers available which can be assigned. Thats why MAC address are made up of two digits hexadecimal numbers which are separated by Colon (:) .

For example mac address looks like this – 00:0a:85:d1:c5:4e .You dont need to remember or know MAC address because they are automatically used in the network whenever they need to be.

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