There are times when we want to know what is my IP address or what is IP Address, so today this article will clear all your doubts about what is IP address and how to find what is my IP Address.

What is My IP ? What is my IP Address ?

Your Current IP Address is– [show_ip]

What is IP Address ?

The Full Form of IP Address is INTERNET PROTOCOL ADDRESS, IP Address is a number assigned to every device connected to the internet which acts as an identity of that particular device and uses IP Protocol for data communication. IP addresses are automatically assigned to any device which connects to any network. The IP address is a logical address and can be altered/changed by the user.

EXAMPLE – (Ipv4 Address) 2009:0da8:85e3:0000:0000:7c2d:0350:7344 (IPv6 Address)

In Other words, my IP address is a unique name given to any IoT device that recognizes any device connected to the internet or any local area network. It is the name given to devices by which they are recognized.

Globally IP addresses are managed by Internet Assign Number Authority (IANA). There are Five other Regional Internet Registry (RIR) which is responsible for assigning or removing IP Addresses of users in local internet organization in their regional areas.

So this is the answer to your question, What is IP Address or What is IP.

Types of IP Address-

Today IP Addresses are of 2 types which are – IPv4 IP Address and IPv6 IP Address.

What is IPv4 IP Address ?

The full form of IPv4 Address is Internet Protocol Version 4, which is the address that defines IP in the 32 Bit(4 Bytes) number format. IPv4 Defines Networks as well as the host address.

 A Single 32 Bit number can provide approximately up to 1 billion unique numbers which can be assigned as IP Addresses to 1 billion different devices in a single network. This is the reason most of the devices over the internet uses IPv4 Addresses today also.

An IPv4 Address can be further divided into two parts namely Network Address and the Host Address. Network Address decides that how many bits from the whole 32bit number will be used for the network address and the rest will be used by the host address. Host Address can be Further divided into SUB NETWORK  and HOST NUMBER.

An IPv4 Address has 4 sets of numbers from 0 to 255 each divided by a dot(.) .  Each Set of Binary number is of 8 Bits and all four set is of 32 Bits (4 Bytes).

what is my ip what is ip address

An IPv4 address is classified into five categories which are named CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D, and CLASS E Addresses. From this class of Ipv4 address only CLASS A, CLASS B, and CLASS C is mainly used. 

IPv4 Classification Table-

Class A1.0.0.1 to 16M hosts on each of 127 networks.
Class B128.1.0.1 to 65,000 hosts on each of 16,000 networks.
Class C192.0.1.1 to 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks.
Class D224.0.0.0 to for multicast groups.
Class E240.0.0.0 to for future use or R&D purpose.
IPv4 Class Table

IP Addresses from range 127.x.x.x is reserved for Loopbacks or Local Host in the Network. For Example, is a loopback address. In the Local Network, every host is broadcasted by IP address.

What is IPv6 Address ?

The full form of IPv6 Address is Internet Protocol Version 6. An increase in the use of the internet and a shortage in IPv4 addresses lead to the development of IPv6 Protocol which is the newest edition of IP address. IPv6 Address is of 128 Bits. IPv6 Address was developed in the year 1995 and was standardized in December 1998.

what is IPv6 Ip address

In terms of format IPv6 address is much different from IPv4 addresses. In IPv6 address, there is a set of 8 hexadecimal number in which each set is separated by a colon(:), whereas in IPv4 address there is 4 set of numbers which is separated by a dot(.).

difference between ipv4 vs ipv6 ip address
Difference between ipv4 and ipv6 address

So, can your IP address reveal things about you ?

The simple answer can be both yes and no. IP Addresses can reveal pretty much things about you but not everything. So now the QuesAns is What things can IP Address reveal-

IP Addresses can reveal your CITY, COUNTRY, STATE, ZIP accurately. But the web address which you visit gathers much more information about you. By collecting your IP Address, they track information like products you searched for, Metadata, Cookies, Trackers, and some browser-fingerprinting is also done by IP Address details.

These Data are mainly collected to serve you better Ads of your interest, and also enhance your user experience on their websites. But if you visit untrusted or fraud websites then they can also use your data illegally and sell your information to other websites.

They combine all your data collected via your IP Address with the help of cookies like your location, the websites which you are visiting, what files you are downloading, and also to whom you are communicating with, etc. and according to that Ads are served to you.

Can you hide or change your IP Address ?

Yes, you can.

You can change the IP Addresses or Hide IP Addresses very easily. To hide IP Address or change the IP address. All you need to use a very popular technology named VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN will help you to change IP address or hide IP address by placing you in different locations of the world virtually. When you use a VPN to surf online your browser requests are routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel so that no one, not even your ISP can see what you are doing online.

 There are many benefits of using a VPN to change IP address or hide ip address:

  1. Its not easy for websites to track your real identity, however ISP’s know who you are but they also cannot track what websites you are visiting.
  2. VPN hides your real location.
  3. A VPN encrypts your full internet session so you can surf internet with more security and safely.
  4. A VPN also helps you to switch between your virtual location easily in one click.

So to sum up, IP addresses are the logical address assigned to your machines which helps websites and authorities to recognize you and to track your location and browsing behavior easily. IP Addresses can reveal almost everything about you. But you can change or hide your IP Address easily, if your don’t want websites to track your real identity.

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